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Dijana A. Rambo,  AIA was recently elevated to the position of principal architect at ajc. Prior to joining ajc architects in 2016, Dijana Alickovic Rambo worked at Prescott-Muir Architects, also in Salt Lake City, from 2011-2016. Dijana graduated from the University of Utah’s College of Architecture and Planning, earning her undergraduate degree in 2005 and a Master of Architecture degree in 2008.

Architecture has been satisfying for Rambo because of its problem-solving nature. “Architecture is about providing solutions in programming, design, and detailing that ultimately lead to the success of a project.”

Working on public/community projects, supportive housing, and the hospitality markets has allowed Rambo to hone her 16 years of experience in a variety of design approaches. She lists the three homeless shelters in Salt Lake County, designed and built from 2018-19, as her favorite projects. “Those were the most challenging and the most rewarding projects. Seeing the genuine care and effort everyone put into making these projects successful was gratifying.”

Two of Rambo’s current projects include a permanent supportive housing project and the retrofit of the World War II-era armory into a Community Center for Murray, Utah. Other projects include a new Visitor Center at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument east of Billings, Montana, and a boutique hospitality project in Ketchum, Idaho.

“Dijana always has creative and insightful ideas that she contributes to all her projects and relationships. She has a way with people that is always encouraging and pushes folks to their limits,” said Jill Jones, Principal Partner, and Founder of ajc architects. “From her work on the Homeless Resource Centers to overseeing the design for a new Visitor Center for Little Bighorn, her expertise is versatile and thoughtful in everything she takes on. She has been an incredible mentor to all who have the opportunity to work with her.”