Whittier Elementary School | New Addition and Interior Remodel

Granite School District

The Whittier Elementary Medical Hub Addition is a 14,000 SF addition to an existing building. The Hub is intended to serve students with severe disabilities and are now bussed from the west half of Granite School District. Granite has developed a reputation for providing superior service for children with severe disabilities and is in the process of expanding their facilities to accommodate increased growth. Rather than remodel existing facilities, a new hub has been designed specifically to accommodate special needs students.

Rooms are built with wider doors; finishes are softer and muted to reduce visual stress. In some rooms, white boards are placed at floor level to assist in therapeutic activities. Restroom facilities can accommodate student transportation via ceiling hoist from a mobility device into the shower or other fixtures. The addition also includes occupational physical therapy rooms, classrooms, a conference area, office space, and nursing rooms.

Client:Granite School District
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