USTAR BioInnovations Center – Utah State University Innovation Campus

Utah State University’s Utah Science Teaching and Research (USTAR) program functions as a catalyst for new research, technology, commercialization – and ultimately economic development for the State of Utah. This fundamental demand for success and element of change within the facility necessitated a design that provided four major components:

› Flexibility/Adaptability
› State-of-the-Art physical space and equipment
› Sustainability
› A bold architectural aesthetic

These four major components resulted in: an exceptionally healthy, comfortable, energy and water efficient open-lab environment; formal and informal collaboration zones inserted at critical flow points in the floor plan; private and open office spaces directly adjacent to both labs and collaboration spaces. The building is composed of two major wings; the Office Wing and the Vivarium Wing. Each wing features natural-finished corrugated and shiplap seam zinc panels, which include natural wood-patterned phenolic core panels. These elements were chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic, while maintaining the historical context of the area’s built environment. ajc was the design architect and Payette served as the laboratory consultant.


Client:Utah State University
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