Sunset Junior High School Kitchen and Cafeteria Renovation & Remodel

Davis School District

Today’s K-12 students are given numerous school lunch choices. The existing single food service line design at Sunset was inefficient and poorly suited for these options. ajc’s new design includes five separate lines which each serve a different type of food, and provide an individual point of sale. In addressing these issues, ajc architects was also tasked with creating a contemporary and colorful environment to replace one that was drab, and poorly lit.

In addition to the new kitchen equipment and serving counters; floors, ceilings, and walls were removed, updated, and refinished. The School district initially requested that the new design be themed to match the atmosphere of “Ruby’s Diner,” a retro-themed restaurant chain based in California. This direction from the School District led ajc architects to develop a more contemporary, but similarly bright and enjoyable design concept.

Client:Davis School District
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