Salt Lake City Homeless Resource Centers

First and foremost, the project vision for the Resource Centers places emphasis on design(s) that provide a humane and dignified environment for their users. Aside from the need for a humane approach, we have also identified seven additional core principles to guide the design team in their efforts. Those visioning principles are summarized by the following terms; connected, safety, durability, sustainability, trauma informed design, flexibility and contextuality. Each principle adding to a design that aims to promote the highest level of safety without feeling like an institutional facility. These facilities will by nature of use need to be as flexible as possible.

As part of a large collaborative effort, the cities of Salt Lake and South Salt Lake have come together to construct three new Homeless Resource Centers (HRCs). These facilities will replace the current Road Home Facility located in downtown Salt Lake City. The homeless population using the facility are required to leave to access other needed services such as medical care, housing placement, food, etc… The HRC model is designed to provide all the needed resources on site within the actual facility. The facilities will provide services to the homeless population with different facilities serving different portions of the population. These populations include a men’s only location in South Salt Lake, a women’s only shelter on 700 South in Salt Lake City, and a men’s and women’s center on High Avenue in Salt Lake.

Client:Shelter the Homeless
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