National Park Service | Mesa Verde National Park | Visitor and Education Center

The new visitor education center at Mesa Verde National Park harmonizes with the ancestral site of the Pueblo People in a context sensitive manner which engages the visitor and provides functional research space for park and archaeological staff.  The building features cultural and archaeological collections which encompass indoor and outdoor exhibits, a climate controlled artifacts archive, research facilities, abundant interior daylighting, and radiant heating and cooling to regulate interior temperatures. Numerous other sustainable features pervade the building and site. Sustainable exterior elements include native plantings/landscaping, on site water treatment, geo-coupled wells, net-zero sustainability via photovoltaic array and micro-hydro turbine technology.

Project Recognition
› 2014 National Association for Interpretation, Media Awards Competition – Interpretive Exhibits for Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center
› 2013 ENR Mountain States Award – Best Cultural Project – Judges’ Special Recognition – Mesa Verde National Park Visitor and Research Center
› 2013 Federal Energy and Water Management Award – Mesa Verde Visitor and Research Center

Client:National Park Service
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