Market Axess

Improving Axess

This 4,000 SF Tenant Improvement has a “Madmen” flair, featuring a combination of exposed elements and refined finishes. The space lacks a formal receptionist area, however branding elements and the space make up the difference. From the building lobby one can see a hint of the unique angles and bold color choices, along with oversized monitors that flash MarketAxess statistics, all meant to attract talent. Offices are placed on an angle, not only directed traffic through the space, but to break-up an otherwise rectilinear space, giving each office an individualized front. The most show stopping area is the break room – a blend of hip design, casual lounging, and collaborative function. This space is open to the entire office to encourage employees to enjoy alternate work environments and promote touch down meetings. Overall, the office successfully combines a sophisticated aesthetic with a raw flair, making this space an ideal tech environment.

Client:Market Axess
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