Granite Technical Institute Biomanufacturing Center

Granite School District

The Granite Technical Institute Biomanufacturing Program was created by renovating several existing classrooms on the second level of the Granite Education Center. The project involved the construction of five small ‘incubator’ laboratories meant for private industry start-up companies; one large shared laboratory, a clean room, gown room, and several glass wash areas. The large laboratory provides a common lab space that contains much of the equipment such as; biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, centrifuges, incubators, and freezers.

Start-up companies use these facilities when not in use as teaching classrooms. Students learn proper protocols for cleaning glassware in the new autoclave and preparing themselves for work in a clean room setting. In turn, the private companies may exercise the option to employ students for research tasks. Companies are expected to grow and expand beyond the capacity of the incubator spaces, at which point they would move out and make way for new groups. For this reason, the labs are small but flexible.

Client:Granite School District
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