Granite School District Elementary School Remodels

ajc provided design and construction management for five elementary school office remodels that included new lighting and HVAC. The project required close coordination with the each principal, the secretaries, and the Granite School District office as the design requirement of each site varied. Some offices were enclosed and provided a vestibule area inside the enclosure; other sites had no vestibule in the enclosure. Desks were replaced with new built-in workstations. ajc architects blended the remodel work with the existing style and finishes of the late 50s and early 60s.

2010-2011 Interior Remodels
Redwood Elementary
Whittier Elementary Special Education Medical Hub
Woodrow Wilson Model Elementary

2009 Interior Remodels
Oakridge Elementary
Granite Warehouse
Oquirrh Hills Elementary
South Kearns Elementary
Western Hills Elementary
Academy Park Elementary
Hillside Elementary

2005-2008 Interior Remodels
Academy Park Elementary
Arcadia Elementary
Eastwood Elementary
Rosecrest Elementary
Lake Ridge Elementary