Finch Corporate Headquarters at 1215 Wilmington

ajc architects worked with Finch and Woodbury Corporation to create their new world headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Being a completely digital office, Finch had unique needs when it came to creating a space that was as mobile as their employees were but also reflected and created a strong brand that could then disseminate throughout their global satellite offices. The 7,500 SF design evolved around three main areas: private offices, open workstations (bullpen), and break room, with support spaces filling out the balance of the space. The design team tackled the project head-on with creative graphics, colors, and space hierarchy that met their objectives within a rigorous budget and time line.

Functional elements of the project include: Administrative offices and support space; meeting and conference rooms; kitchen facilities; open plan and private office space, employee lounge area; space for future expansion, and customized brand graphics.

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