Assateague Island Visitors Center

National Park Service

The Visitor Center is designed as a low, linear building that is simple to understand, and provides panoramic, open views of the resource for as many spaces as possible. This is accomplished by laying out the facility in 3 separate, yet connected pieces; restrooms, visitor functions, and staff spaces. The visitor areas and staff spaces are part of one building and share a roof, but are clearly divided within the interior. Restrooms are a separate structure, located across the boardwalk from the main entrance. These spaces share a central axis, and therefore create a long, bar-type building that runs parallel to the coast line of Sinepuxent Bay. This orientation provides views of the bay and Assateague Island from the lobby, sales and exhibit spaces, and Park staff offices. The structure, materials, and form mimic those historically found along the eastern coast of the United States, and provide a context for the overall design of the facility.

Client:National Park Service
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