ALSCO Corporate Headquarters

The international linen, uniform, and floor mat company, ALSCO, required a new building to house their international headquarters. ALSCO needed a team capable of designing a space where they could combine their two Salt Lake Offices into one – not just a physical move for the company, but a cultural shift from the traditional corner offices to a more efficient, open plan layout. ajc is faced with the challenge of converting a mid-century brick building in downtown Salt Lake, currently housing multiple tenants, and retrofit the space to be ALSCO’s new corporate headquarters, while honoring the history of the historic edifice. The space is approximately 54,000 SF and spans 4 stories above ground with a basement below. Over the past several months ajc has been driving towards designing a space that reflects the rich tradition of the company, while creating a space that makes the leap to an open and inviting office environment for a diverse staff with varying needs and requirements.

Structural challenges have been met with creativity, with a focus on cost control.  Landscape design will provide drought tolerant plants and elements that accentuate the brick façade. Interior offices, near the core of the building, will be outfitted with glass walls and lower cubicle heights to allow natural light to reach every employee. Touchdown spaces for traveling employees will provide a more efficient use of space and a variety of conference room sizes. Private phone rooms will allow for private meetings and phone calls. Numerous collaboration spaces will be strategically placed throughout the space to allow for impromptu meetings. Rich finishes will provide texture and warmth and highlight the many areas of exposed brick which gives the building it’s signature look.

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